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The Others

The Others
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Ryen is just a normal guy trying to do his job. Unfortunately, that job  includes trying to save his distant world on the brink of disaster...

Ryen is on a mission to Earth to find the answers to his distant world’s most critical questions. From the beginning, prophets have foretold of  a mythic figure- a Savior- who would live a perfect life and ultimately die to save their souls. There was just one catch. He would be born on a different planet, far away. He would perform miracles Ryen’s people would never see. But the Savior’s sacrifice, even from an incomprehensible distance, would redeem them all. But without tangible proof, the rift between the believers and nonbelievers is tearing this once peaceful planet apart.


While searching the Yucatan Peninsula, Ryen meets Savannah, a beautiful woman hiding a painful past. On their dangerous adventures  together through the untamed jungles of Mexico, he can’t help falling in love with her. As his  time runs out, Ryen must decide if he is willing to give up everything he has ever known and  loved to stay on Earth with Savannah.


 But his decision could have very unexpected and tragic consequences. The Masters, a  powerful  clan of corrupt leaders, are plotting to take back Earth, the sacred planet, from the  humans.  Ryen and Savannah are thrust into the middle of The Masters plot to not only take  over Earth,  but their own crumbling world as well.

 Ryen didn’t ask to be a hero. But to prevent the destruction of his and Earth's civilizations, he  must sacrifice everything, even the woman he loves, to save two worlds on the edge of  annihilation.  

Character Wish List

When I read books, I usually like to choose celebrities to be the faces of the characters I'm reading about.  And I'm obviously not the only one who does this because I keep getting questions about who would play my main characters in the movie version of the book. Here is my wish list:


Ryen of the Haven

Ryen is an unwilling celebrity on his home planet, his good looks garnering him more attention than he really wants, though he doesn't exactly hate the attention he gets from women. His charmed life takes a very dramatic turn when he meets Savannah, and falls head over heels for her immediately.

Can we all just love on this picture Jared Leto in this picture for a moment? He's unkempt, unshaven, and it totally works for him. This was the inspiration for Ryen's description of himself as he is looking down on Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives in chapter 2.

Savannah Mason
No matter how far she runs, her traumatic past follows. Savannah's life has been defined by fear and loss, but meeting Ryen changes everything. Little does she realize falling in love too quickly will put her in grave danger.
This is my sister-in-law, Mary Barrus. She is an amazing artist and is always up for an adventure. And I love her hair. This is exactly what Savannah looks like in my head.

Claire of the Haven
Ryen's best friend since childhood, Claire has spent the last two years traveling with Ryen through Italy and Jerusalem looking for evidence of Zhimeya, their home planet's, Savior. She is beautiful, feisty, fun, and brave.
I would cast Grace Park, best known for her roll on Hawaii 5-0. If I could just give her violet eyes, she would be the perfect Claire!

Emani of the Cailida
Ryen's first love, Emani's life is a sad tale of lost innocence, tragic circumstance and terrible decisions. She will stop at nothing to win Ryen's heart back, even if that means eliminating the woman Ryen loves.
Megan Fox is perfect for Emani- she's beautiful and beguiling, but there's something in her eyes that tells you she is dangerous.

Book 1 Playlist:

 I came up with most of the ideas for my book while taking my son on our daily walks each  afternoon. It was just me, my son, my BOB jogging stroller, an old iPod and the hills of La  Habra Heights. Since music was such an important part of my creative process, I wanted to  give credit to the songs that really helped me along when I needed inspiration. This is the  music my brain plays for me when I read my book:

   New divide- Linkin Park
   Dare you to move- Switchfoot
   Learn to fly- Foo Fighters
   Black heart inertia- Incubus
   Closer- Ne-yo
   Caught up- Usher
   Jump around- House of Pain
   Jimi thing- Dave Matthews Band
   I will survive- Donna Summers
   Love somebody like you- Keith Urban
   Ignorance- Paramore
   I woke up in a car- Something Corporate
   Bent- Matchbox 20
   Fireflies- Owl City
   Breakout- Foo Fighters
   Battlefield- Jordin Sparks
   Feel good drag- Anberlin
   Hemorrhage- Fuel
   I'm Yours- Jason Mraz
   Push- acoustic- Matchbox 20
   Let it rock- Kevin Rudolph
   Ojos asi- Shakira
   You move me- Garth Brooks
   Attack- 30 Seconds to Mars
   Heartless- The Fray
   Pieces- Sum 41
   Apologize- One Republic
   Second chance- Shinedown
   Devour- Shinedown
   Chemicals- Bush
   Panic switch- Silversun Pickups
   Shimmer- Fuel
   Worth dying for- Rise Against
   Savior- Rise Against
   Clumsy- Our Lady Peace

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